2019 BTBA Tour Archive Results

2019 Tour

For further information on the BTBA Tour, please download the BTBA 2019 Championship Tours document.

Date Location
13th – 14th January Nottingham 4s Results MFA Nottingham
9th – 31st  March National Championships Results Stroud
13th – 14th April Lancashire Open Results Wigan
May 4th – May 12th Senior Nationals Sunderland
18th – 19th May Jim Brewer Poole
15th – 16th  June TBA Shipley (TBC)
6th – 7th July Mixed Trios Worthing
3rd – 4th  August TBA  ** ADULT ONLY ** Dunstable
14th – 15th Sept Shropshire Open Shrewsbury
5th – 6th October Northants Open Wellingborough
16th – 17th November Generation Doubles Stroud

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