2019 BTBA UK Championship Tour Archive Results

2019 BTBA UK Championship Tour

For further information on the BTBA UK Championship Tour, please download the 2019 BTBA UK Championship Tour Brochure.

Date Location
13th – 14th January Nottingham 4s Results MFA Nottingham
9th – 31st  March National Championships Results Stroud
13th – 14th April Lancashire Open Results Wigan
May 4th – May 12th Senior Nationals Sunderland
18th – 19th May Jim Brewer Poole
15th – 16th  June TBA Shipley (TBC)
6th – 7th July Mixed Trios Worthing
3rd – 4th  August TBA  ** ADULT ONLY ** Dunstable
14th – 15th Sept Shropshire Open Shrewsbury
5th – 6th October Northants Open Wellingborough
16th – 17th November Generation Doubles Stroud

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