The DBS Application Process has Changed

The DBS application system for BTBA volunteers, coaches and Officials has changed.

With immediate effect all New DBS applications will be processed online rather than using paper forms. The online systems that we will use is managed by Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Council (BCP).

New applicants will still complete the online request form that is hosted on the BTBA website under “Resources” but instead of Head office issuing paper forms we will add your details to the BCP system and they will then invite you to log-on and complete the form online.

The questions will be exactly the same as they were on the paper form and will relate to your identity i.e. name, address, date of birth etc. together with some information from official documents like Passport, Driving licence etc.

Once this online form has been completed you will need to arrange an interview with a BTBA approved verifier, exactly as we did in the past. The only difference is that during your meeting they will use the information that you keyed in online rather than update the paper application form.

After verification the application is routed automatically to BCP for checking and then onto the DBS service, cutting out a lot of the administration work and delays caused by having to send the forms through the post to the BTBA and then on to the DBS service. Additionally, being electronic, errors can be detected quickly during input rather than later in the process.

As soon as the DBS disclosure certificate arrives through the mail it is important that you log on to the DBS Update register and get your certificate registered. You only have 19 days from the day the form is printed so it is really important to do this straight away. If you fail to get your certificate registered we will not be able to issue you with a licence. In most circumstances a temporary licence can be granted while we repeat the process and get a new certificate that can then be registered.

Once registered there is no need to repeat the process each year as it will be updated automatically on the DBS service website and can be checked online when renewing licences.

This online system is going to be new to all of us so please bear with us while we get used to the new processes. If you need any assistance, please email

Ron Griffin
British Tenpin Bowling Association
Executive Committee

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