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The European Champions Cup started in 1979 in s’Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands with 14 men and 12 women and no Great Britain. By the 80’s this changed and we had a few players make attempts but no success. That was until UK Hall of Famer Shelagh Leonard took Gold in Boraas, Sweden in 1982 then returned in 85 and 88 to claim two Bronze. Pauline Buck was next up for Gold in 1993 Silver in 94 and completing the set with Bronze in 95.

This started a run of successes in the event over the years with medals of all colours and Golds from Lisa John, Wayne Greenhall who took our first male ECC medal, Zara Glover, Nick Froggatt and Kirsten Penny. To date we have Seven Gold, Five Silver and Eleven Bronze with Hadley Morgan picking up our last medal and bronze in 2016.

For the 2019 event being held in Ankara, Turkey we have Adam Cairns and Laura Marcham.

Meet the players

I’m feeling good, a little nervous too as I’ve never been to a ECC before but very much looking forward to it.

I’ll be honest I’ve been at work non stop so it has hampered my preparations a little however with working with Brian Micheal who’s keeping me right, to prepare keeping my tempo consistent, swing speed down and smooth on my footwork inline. I got into a habit of walking away from myself when work took over from practice.

I’m nervous too, always am on the lead up to a big competition but I’m better at handling that than I used to be! ECC is a first for me too, but I keep hearing what a great event it is so I’m very excited. I’ve not made any changes since Vegas, just reinforcing the work I was doing beforehand. Like Adam said, just keeping those bad habits at bay! For me it’s all in my legs. I’ve also started working with a sports psychologist to help me translate what I can do in practice into tournament play. I think I’m a pretty self aware person, but it’s amazing how much you don’t realize (or at least want to admit) what your brain is thinking.

Coach for Turkey is Alex Hamilton

 Reports and Results

You can follow Team England closer on our facebook page with updates live from Ankara from Alex Hamilton.

Team England left after a lengthy wait and were checked in and ready almost to go after a quick bite before heading to the gate. Adam Cairns, Laura Marcham and Alex Hamilton all raring to go!! Along with chief cheerleader Dean Keeble!! Monday saw some unofficial practice with our players getting a feel for the lanes and matching up.

Official practice on Wednesday and Laura up first using all of her range with Alex reporting “Different balls looking good from different angles and a game plan set for the start on Wednesday and feeling good.” Adam next up and looking good also but for an IT malfunction which soon got fixed. Both players ready for the start.

Alex reports on the 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘆 – The standard walk-ins and speeches were followed by some traditional Turkish folk dancing and a very generous welcome reception. The hospitality here has been one of the best we’ve experienced!

So, the real action starts tomorrow! Laura is up at 9am (7am UK time) tomorrow morning for the first half of qualifying. 8 games across the centre at doubles pace. Adam will then follow at 2.45pm (12.45pm UK time) for his first eight games.

Home nations line up at the opening ceremony

All the nations pose for a photograph


Reports edited from Live Facebook reporting by Alex Hamilton


Play got underway on Wednesday morning with the first Women’s block and Laura seen in the very first game on the livestream hit a clean game 198. Moving from the high end of the centre to the low end a good start saw her not keep on top of the move and a few strange reactions left a challenging game and 154.

Game three and what a bounce back with a 279 game and coach Alex stating it was the worst executed game of the three but matched up perfectly. 198 in game four and 215 in game five before adding a 226 and up to sixth place in the standings with 70 over. It got better still as Laura then hit the front nine before a split in the 10th and a 264 to race further up the standings. Game eight not as good with the left lane carry and a couple of half shots. A summer from coach Alex at the end stated “Fantastic block!! Some good decisions, excellent spells of great shot making and most importantly, learnt a lot! +112 and sitting in second place! Happy days.”

ECC 2019 – MEN’S SQUAD 1

Later in the day we got our first look at the men’s event and our own Adam Cairns in action. A great start as the man from Sunderland opened with 237 that could have been more. Game two a little lower on 206 with a couple of half shots but still over par. Game three and despite coach Alex stating the pair were on fire, Adam made moves and had plenty of room but ball shape not quite right and 180 scored. Better in game four on 197 and Alex saying “Previous pair was obviously a freak pair, as these were back closer to games 1 & 2. Just took a couple of frames to get there, then a half shot ruined a run.”

Game five and 207 after a move from the high end to the low end proved challenging for a few frames but good ball shape made for a decent score. Sixth game and keeping with the same ball motion and despite a few taps an improved 229 and up to sixth place with two to go. Good run now continued with 225 in game seven before dropping to 184 in the final game with the pair playing very different and needed plenty movement to combat them. A summary from Coach Alex “+65 for the first block. Good shot making throughout. A good start, then a little lost with a freak pair and the wrong motion. Made changes and looked much better to finish. All-in-all a solid start and learnt from it.”

ECC 2019 – MEN’S SQUAD 2

Thursday saw the men up first for the second and final block of eight games and all fighting for a top 16 place to advance. A really good start for Adam as he hit 243 with his choice of the DV8 Instigator which was giving him a good look as he finished the game with eight in a row. 221 in game 10 and same ball despite some mechanical breakdowns and delays at the start. The next two games at 203 and 204 saw Adam battle the lanes as more urethane seemed to be being used on the lanes. Sitting in 9th at this point though and well inside the cut.

A step up in gear in games 13 and 14 with 226 and then 234 and still throwing the ball he started the day with as the lanes began to play more like they had on day one. Up another gear in game 15 for 256 before moving high to low again and 203 in the last game but as Coach Alex stated on social media soon afterwards “Brilliant bowling today! Made the most of the pairs that were there to be had and battled the tougher ones. Superb! ”

Adam qualifies in 8th place with 3457 and a 216 average.


Thursday after had the Women back on the Ankara Rollhouse lanes for block 2 and our own Laura Marcham looking to stay with the leading pack and into the finals. Second place overnight but a shaky start with 162 and coach Alex stating “Went with the Storm Crux Prime, which we’d polished and lightly brushed with 4000. Looked good in practice and to start, but a few wobbly shots and didn’t look right. Changed to the Storm Hy-Road X (with a light 2000) in the field ball for a much better motion.”

Game10 and way better with 237 and more settled with the game going well but for a couple of taps and could have been a higher game. 232 next followed by 231 and steaming ahead. It got better in game 13 with a fine 259 with the front five strikes then a 10pin a strike high four been then off the sheet. Game 14 and a pair that caught both Laura and Alex offguard. Seraching for a shot and a couple of bad shots.  A 205 next up and a decent return to form for Laura then at the end a 189 and using another ball now qualifying was safe. Leaving the last words to alex who has been keeping all these detailed updates coming… All in all, a solid day. Few period where it got away a bit, but a big stretch where it was excellent!!

+75 for the 8 today, +187 for Qualifying, remaining in second place, 6pins behind the leader.

Final Home Nation Qualifying Placings

England – Adam Cairns 8th with 208.1ave
Scotland – Steven Gill 23rd with 198.7ave
Wales – Glen Robson 28th with 193.9ave
Ireland – Alan Bride 14th with 206.6ave
N Ireland – Grant Dugan 32nd with 187.6ave

England – Laura marcham 2nd with 211ave
Scotland – Tania Yusaf 8th 200.1ave
Wales – Chelsea Walters 30th with 171.2ave
N Ireland – Lauren Dugan 32nd with 152.5ave

ECC 2019 – WOMEN’S LAST 16

With scores carrying over from the first 16 games we added another 8 to the total score for the 16 players advancing from qualifying. Laura sitting in second started the day with a 218 and solid start with the Storm Hy-Road Live. A different playing pair next saw two balls used one for each and a 166 game. Games 3 and 4 were 197 and 194 with Laura fighting to find the right motion and a slightly softer speed looking better.  The lanes being played at singles pace today so not seing the same shape as qualifying. Up a gear for the next two and 211 and 212 with a couple of silly opens in game five but solid in game six. 200 and 216 to end with in third place on 5001 and well inside the cut for top 8.

Coach verdict at the end … Battled for most of the day. Frame or two behind the moves in almost every game. Lanes played a little different today with the difference in players and pace. But a solid performance and on to the next round we march. +14 for the eight games today, +201 for the tournament.

3rd place heading into tomorrow, which is four games before the cut to the Top 4 for the TV finals.

ECC 2019 – MEN’S LAST 16

Laura already advancing it was time for Adam to make a push on the top 4 places in time for the next round. Opening up with 233 with an 8-10 flush in the 10th followed by a 211. This is where things open up a little and Adam hits flat 10, Read a pinch for a 4pin in the 4th, nudge left and sheet. Then he goes full on with 299 and almost perfect. +212 for four!!!! +469 for the event. The breaks came on a bit though in the next two games and 178 followed by 179 and the former game causing problems in the latter. Time to grind out some big scores at the end and Adam did just that by firing a fine 255 followed by a steady 213 to end in third place with 5294 and 161 over.

Superb block said Coach Alex! The two 170’s were just blips, got the hard work done in games 1-4, then bounced back strong for the last two. +237 for today and +494 for the event.

Flew up in to a comfortable third place and most importantly in to another four games tomorrow morning! Good day at the office!!

ECC 2019 – LAST 8

Pressure on now to hold the top four place over just four games and a good start for Adam in game 1 with 233 – One slow shot jumped up in the middle of the game, but a quality start! Laura just finding her feet game 1.  A little nervous, but we’re on it now said Coach Alex. Solid game and no ground lost.

Game two and a 235 for Adam with just a couple of taps, but great game and 220 for Laura with a great start, excellent 10th, just a couple of half shots in the middle and looking in good shape now!

The Adam Cairns train rolled on with a solid game three and a 223 and looking in good shape!! An awesome 236 game for Laura with a brilliant finish. A 247 to finish for Adam and secures 3rd place for the semi finals as Laura doing it the hard way with a 154 at the end for fourth place.

Semi Finals

Down to the last four and Norway’s Glen Morten Pedesen playing Spain’s Paco Rodriguez and Denmark’s Jesper Agerboo against England’s Adam Cairns in a best of three games.

In the Womens event Laura Marcham would be up against the experienced Mai Ginge Jensen from Denmark and in the other semi final, Sweden’s Joline Persson-Planefors verses The Netherland’s Denise Blankenzee.

Game one and a win for Adam with a great 237 to Agerbo’s 198 but a loss for Laura going down 226 to 209 in a close fought game.

Game two and the excitement back home in England could start as Adam booked his place in the final with a 229-197 and 2-0 win and facing Norway’s Glenn Morten Pedersen who won 2-0 against Spaniard Paco Rodriguez.

Hopes for Laura were still high to level the match and in what could go down as one of Laura’s most memorable games she fought all the way but lost with a 257 game to a player many view as a European legend and possible winner of this championship. Bronze medal is her biggest win so far and well deserved for an amazing performance all week long. In the other semi final Sweden defeated The Netherlands 2-1 and Joline Persson Planefors advancing to face Mai Ginge Jensen.

Photo thanks to the Official Facebook Page


Whatever was to happen now the week was going to be a success for England. A Bronze already in the bag from Laura and a chance at the Gold or Silver in the mens final. Adam, a staff for DV8, knew his equipment going into the final and knew it would be a tough match against the strong Glenn Morten Pedersen from Norway.

The Man from Norway started us off with a strike as Adam left a 10pin and spared, both players striking in the second and again in the third this could be high scoring. Yet again they both struck and a 300-290 at this point. Who would blink first? well they both did, first Pedersen with a 10pin spare then Adam with a split and two count.

Into frame six and Glenn Morten struck as Adam left a seven pin and spared. A 24 pin lead opening up for the Norwegian.  Strike again for Norway and same for England in the seventh and both again in the eighth and Norway still ahead.

Into the home straight and ninth frame and an opening as Pedersen leaves a 4pin and spares as Adam tries and fails to double leaving a 10pin. Into the tenth and it ends with a 246-214 win for Norway.

Game two and trouble early in the second frame with a five split taking three as Norway had struck and spared in the second. As Pedersen struck in the next two frames so did Adam and needed a break at some point which he got in frame six as the Norway man spared and Adam struck. A big Split from Morten Pedersen and spare from Adam and this one was wide open again. A strike in the seventh for Adam was matched by Glenn and all to play for and same again as both added another for the double before a 10pin halted a run for Adam in the ninth as Pedersen strike for the turkey. What a finish in the tenth as Adam Strikes out to tie the match and force a rolloff 221-221. One frame roll off and Norway strike then England, again they both struck and down to one more ball. Pederson stepped up and struck but Adam left a single pin and Gold went to Norway and Silver to England 30-29 and 2-0.

Photo thanks to the Official Facebook Page


Latest results can be found on the Official tournament website here



European Champions Cup History

🥇Gold – 7
🥈Silver – 5
🥉Bronze – 11


🥇1982 Shelagh Leonard Gold
🥉1985 Shelagh Leonard Bronze
🥉1988 Shelagh Leonard Bronze
🥇1993 Pauline Smith Gold
🥈1994 Pauline Smith Silver
🥉1995 Pauline Buck Bronze
🥇2001 Lisa John Gold
🥉2002 Lisa John Bronze
🥇2008 Zara Glover Gold
🥇2009 Kirsten Penny Gold
🥉2010 Kirsten Penny Bronze
🥉2011 Lisa John Bronze
🥈2013 Lisa John Silver


🥇1996 Wayne Greenall Gold
🥉1997 Richard Hood Bronze
🥈1999 Richard Hood Silver
🥇2001 Nick Froggatt Gold
🥈2002 Nick Froggatt Silver
🥉2006 Dominic Barrett Bronze
🥉2012 Raymond Teece Bronze
🥈2013 Richard Teece Silver
🥉2014 Steve Thornton Bronze
🥉2016 Hadley Morgan Bronze

Source UK Tenpin Hall of Fame



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