Bowler Feedback Groups – We want to know what is going on at every level of our sport

During the 2019 AGM, we advised those in attendance that we would be setting up some Bowler Feedback Groups.

We want to know what is going on at every level of our sport and what the general feeling is from our membership. We would like to see participants from Sanctioned Leagues, Unsanctioned Leagues, Tournaments, County Committees and Team England.
Your opinions matter to us and we want to hear them.

If you are interested in being part of our Regional Feedback Group, please select a ticket.

The closing date to register your interest is the 31st July 2019. Following that date we will arrange the regional meetings which will be chaired by your Regional Officer and will advise you of the date and time accordingly. Please disregard the date attached to this form, the 31st August 2019 is the deadline by which the first meeting will be held.

During the registration process, please choose which regional meeting you would like to attend. This doesn’t have to be related to where you currently live or bowl, but whichever meeting you would prefer to attend.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa John, Director of Membership Services via

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