2019 Youth Triple Crown update

This year’s Youth Triple Crown will be held at the Leisureplex Blanchardstown Ireland from the 23rd to the 25th of August (bank holiday weekend).  The teams will be selected using the criteria announced at the start of this season:

If you have played in an EYC event and have played previously in the same age group category at YTC you will not be eligible for selection.
If you have played in an EYC event previously and have moved up to a different age group in YTC you will be eligible for selection, should you meet the criteria.
If you have played in an EYC event for the first time you will still be eligible to play YTC for the first time as well in that same season, should you meet the criteria

The final ranking event for selection is the British Youth Open, to be held in July.  Although, due to the remaining points available, we may know who the players are in the top 4 places (in their respective age groups) after the NAYBC Classic Singles in June.

To help in getting us to know as early as possible who will be in the teams and also enable supporters and parents to make possible travel arrangements, we will be sending a letter to all players in contention (in all age groups) after the NAYBC Junior Nationals in May (click here for full qualification details).

This letter will be to ask if you intend to play in the event should you meet the criteria, it should not be treated as a confirmation of selection, which will follow as soon as possible.

Please refer to the YTC 2019 qualification information on the BTBA website for more information on the Team England, and the Tournament page on the NAYBC website for event entry details.


Andy Penny
Team England Head Coach

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