Youth Triple Crown 2019 Qualification Process & Selection Criteria Update February 2019

Andy Penny, Team England Head Coach, presents the latest update to for Youth Triple Crown qualification and selection.

The Triple Crown event is a very important part of a bowler’s development; It gives them the opportunity to represent their country, which should always remain as the highest possible achievement.
This update will give the players who have proven their form over a longer period of time the chance to qualify.

In order to allow as many new players as possible to play in the Triple Crown the following amendments will now precede all previous announcements.

A player may represent England in the Youth Triple Crown every year until such times as they qualify to represent England at EYC, WJC, or WYC. Once a player has represented England in any of these events they must wait until they go up to the next Triple Crown age group before they can play in it again.

Once they are in the next age group,they may continue to play YTC in that age group, until they represent England in the EYC, WJC, or WYC whilst in that age group. This process will continue until a player leaves the age categories stipulated for Youth Triple Crown.

A YTC bowler will be eligible to compete in the TC in each stipulated age group at least once, subject of course to qualification and age brackets. Once a player becomes ineligible for an age group through TE Representation, they automatically become eligible for the next age bracket for TC, even if by age they are still eligible for the younger bracket.

Please note that Youth Triple Crown age groups do change from time to time as decided by the home nations presidium.

Example 1
Player A is 14 and in 2019 played in the TC in the U16 team. During 2018/2019 season they qualified for the EYC team in 2020. They cannot play TC U16 in 2020 (if indeed they were still age eligible).

Example 2
Player B is 17 and has played in several EYCs and Eyes already, and played in the TC both in U16 team and U19 team. This person can now play in Youth/Junior TC U22 team, but only until they are once again selected for EYC or WJC or WYC.

Coaching of these players is also vitally important and Coaches need that experience too!
The Coaches will be selected from the Coaching pool once the teams are known, this will provide both with the best possible environment to work in together.

It will also allow the less experienced players the opportunity to play at international level.

The qualification rules for the Team England Youth Triple Crown for the 2019 event are as follows
The top four bowlers in each age division from the tours will be invited to form the Junior Team England Triple Crown team for the 2019 Youth Triple Crown. Providing they meet the following criteria:

The bowler must be under 17 or under 19 or under 22 before the 1st of September 2020
In order to be invited on to the team, bowlers must have:

  • Played a minimum of 8 from the 10 ranking events (best 8 from 10 scores count) in the 2018/2019 season.
  • Participated in the NAYBC National Championships (mandatory)
  • Made themselves available for their County in the relevant age group
  • Should two bowlers have the same points, placing will be decided by highest average points,if there is still a tie then the player with the highest average to the nearest whole number will be selected.

Andy Penny
Team England Head Coach

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