Applications Invited: Director of Business Development

The BTBA are now recruiting for a Business Development Director. The Business Development Director will be a member of the National Council reporting to the BTBA Chairman and be responsible for leading the development of the vision, strategy and policies, in consultation with members of the Executive Council.

This is a voluntary position.

Specific responsibilities and duties will include:


  • To manage the formulation of a three year Business Development Plan through the consideration of financial priorities and proposals, in consultation with the Director of Sport Development, the Director of Membership Services and the Treasurer


  • Support and signpost the National Council in terms of compliance, accountability and financial probity in relation to the governance of the organisation


  • Plan financial stability and the most appropriate use of funds with a key focus on increased participation and membership


  • To support the Director of Sport Development in the generation of ‘inclusion’ programs aimed specifically at minority groups, which provide support and assistance in developing the sport for bowlers who face specific challenges, e.g. visually impaired


  • To support the Director of Membership services in the development of programs aimed at minority groups that will encourage their participation in the sport


  • Provide regular feedback and commentary to the Head of Communications & PR for inclusion onto the website and press releases


  • Engage with external organisations but not governing bodies, in terms of sporting and commercial opportunities. This will include all commercial partners and bowling manufacturers to ensure a common approach. To share ideas and find ways to develop best practices to manage and promote the sport of Tenpin Bowling


  • Seek out opportunities for attracting sponsorship at local, regional and national levels heading up a small sponsorship team. To oversee all BTBA sponsorship deals to ensure we are not in conflict with existing deals or those in the pipeline. This should also involve any agreements on uniforms, transport or accommodation opportunities and Tournament sponsorship.


Please click here to download an application form. Applications close on 15th February 2019.

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