BTBA Development Coach (ETBF Level 2) Course Scheduled

Mark Heathorn

BTBA Coaching is pleased to announce the scheduling of an ETBF Level 2 course to qualify as BTBA Development Coach.

This course will be held in Go Bowling, Shipley from Tuesday 5th March to Friday 8th March 2019.


This course is open to all BTBA Foundation Coaches who have been formally “signed off” under the BTBA progression policy.

The sign-off procedure involves producing 2 case studies of the physical development of bowlers you coach. This should display your understanding of the physical technique, your observation of your players, and the application of training exercises. I cannot stress enough that this process is not a judgement of the players capability, merely your understanding and application of the technique we teach.

You will also be required to put together a minimum 10 minute presentation on one of these topics;

  • The Coaching / Learning Process
  • FUNdamentals
  • Fitness and Nutrition

The following dates and venues are available to book;

  • Saturday 12th January – Dunstable
  • Friday 25th January – Dunstable
  • Sunday 27th January – Dunstable
  • Sunday 3rd February – Nottingham
  • Thursday 22nd February – Nuneaton
  • Tuesday 26th February – Farnborough
  • Monday 4th March – Shipley (the day before the ETBF Level 2 course)
  • Saturday 9th March – Shipley
  • Sunday 10th March – Shipley
  • Friday 26th April – Norwich

To book or discuss in more detail please email Mark Heathorn.

This process will be provided free of charge if booked for these days.

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