ETBF Ball drilling Course in Slovakia

by Josef Macháček

Dear all,

We are organizing an ETBF Drilling Course in a newly opened bowling arena in Zilina, Slovakia. The course take place from Dec 4th till Dec 7th. The event will be provided by Gediz Ege, official ETBF instructor. He is the owner of ETBF Ball Drilling Program certificate, ETBF Instructor, ETBF Level III Coach, and USBC Lane Certificates.

Camp is not organized for ball drillers only but for bowlers too who would like to get more education in the field of ball motion, ball reaction, and other topics related to bowling professional life. Course will be provided on the most modern equipment (Innovative).

Are you interested? Please follow instructions on the following link:

We can help you with accomodation.

Camp price 580,-EUR. Price includes instructor, teaching materials, lanes during the course, one ball up to 100,- EUR, lunch. The start of the camp is planned on Dec 4th, 10:00am.


Bowling Academy,s.r.o., OC Idea,
Kamenná cesta 3,
Žilina, 010 01


Feel free to contact us for further details:

Josef Macháček
tel: +421 948 302 533

Looking forward to see you.

Bowling Academy Team

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