Head of Team England Management Vacancy

The BTBA are now recruiting for a Head of Team England Management. This is a voluntary position.

Specific responsibilities and duties will include;

  • Being member of the BTBA National Council, reporting to Dir Of Coaching. Providing regular updates to the National Council on Team England activities.
  • Provides Leadership and Guidance to Team England Managers
  • Works with BTBA Treasurer on all aspects of the Team England budget and Works with BTBA Business Development Manager on all aspects of Team Sponsorship and the development of the Team England image.
  • Acts as the Chairman of the Team England Management Committee.
  • Working with the Dir of Coaching appoint all positions of the TE Management Committee,
  • Assists Head coach in the selection, training and support all age group Team Managers as required
  • Evaluates Team Manager performance within one month of each event
  • Works with BTBA Head of Business Development to establish relationships and seek partners to minimise Team Expenditure on all cost lines, including sponsorship and provision of uniforms etc.
  • Works with TE managers to ensure that all activities are being carried out in accordance with the required schedules for each event.
  • Ensuring all Team managers
  • Provides support for flight and hotel bookings as requested.

As Adult Team England Manager

  • part of the TE Management Committee, this role is responsible for the development and ongoing communications surrounding the selection criteria for inclusion into the squad for that age group.
  • Participates in team selection meetings and is responsible for communication of team selections to all members of the squad whether they were included or not.
  • Acts as Head of Delegation whilst at competitive events
  • Works with Team Coach on preparation and delivery of Training sessions.
  • Works with Director of Coaching in support of planning and communications for, Selection Trials, Training events, International events and any other Team England related activities.
  • Responsible for completion of entry forms, payment of event fees, booking flights, hotels accommodation and meals etc as required for all TE related activities. Including making sure that all player contributions are paid on time (plus guests where appropriate) and provides financial reporting before and after the event.
  • Establishes team uniform requirements
  • Manages all expenses in line with agreed budgets and plans.
  • Responsible for all communications to current and potential squad members to ensure that everyone possible is aware of the requirements of players and their guests.
  • In conjunction with all Coaches and Team Managers, responsible for ensuring that all Team England Representatives comply with the Team England Code of Conduct.
  • Provides post event activity report and necessary press releases before, during and after the event for publication through BTBA communications team.


Please click here to download an application form. Applications close on 26th October 2018.


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