Senior Team England win out in the Scottish Border Challenge

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by Ron Griffin, Senior Team England Manager

Last weekend saw some tremendous bowling as Senior Team England took on their fierce rivals Scotland last weekend. The whole event was planned to provide the English bowlers with a chance to get together for some training combined with team building and some international competition all in one event.

The weekend started with coaches Mark Heathorn and Natalie Hart providing a platform for our bowlers to examine their approach to selecting which balls they should start with. How things change in quite a short time frame and what you need to think about to help you make those important “what do I need to change” decisions. Plus, we had activities that highlighted how we cope under pressure when in the spotlight.

The challenge against Scotland comprised of Doubles and Trios matches and was further enhanced with entry into the Senior Singles competition that was being held in Dunfermline that weekend. England won both the doubles the Doubles and Trios competitions with point being scored relative to the placing of each of the teams at the end of each game.  But a special mention must go to Scotland’s Men’s trios who hit a record breaking 780 in their first game.

Men’s scores:

  • Doubles; England 191.5 Scotland 120.5
  • Trios; England 84 Scotland 60

Ladies scores:

  • Doubles; England 49 Scotland 35
  • Trios; England 24 Scotland 16

Medals were awarded as follows:

Mens Doubles   Gold: Suren Johanssen – Mark Wills (ENG) (1397 series)

Silver: Andy Gillespie – Alan Keddie  (SCO) (1361 series)

Ladies Doubles  Gold: Sandra Boswell – Diane Johnson (ENG) (1397 series)

Silver: Liz Gove – Gloria Carney (SCO)  (1361 series)

Mens Trios :       Gold: Bernie Matthews – Andy Gillespie – Alan Keddie  (SCO) (2035 series)

Silver: Kim Johnson – Paul Morris – Suren Johanssen (ENG)  (1776 series)

Ladies Trios :      Gold: Sandra Boswell – Liz Griffin – Diane Johnson (ENG) (1662 series)

Silver: Sandra Simmonds – Nicky Prout – Julie Johanssen (ENG) (1610 series)

All events medals were awarded to:

Andy Gillespie (232)(Gold)(SCO)

Suren Johanssen (226)(Silver)(ENG)

Gloria Carney (203)(Gold)(SCO)

Diane Johnson (189)(Silver)(ENG)

It was a great weekends bowling and we have to say that Scotland were great hosts with the whole weekend going just about as smoothly as one could hope. Also a lot of thanks to all the staff at Hollywood Dunfermline who made everything as simple for us as they could and did everything they could for us with a smile.

Full results (download)


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