Team England contributions update: 2019 and beyond

One of the main topics at the recent Team England think tank meeting was the soaring cost of sending teams to international events.

Many of you may also be aware of the meeting held at the EWC in Brussels earlier this year, this was a meeting of all the countries from Europe who travel to the World Championships.

It was held to try and find a solution to those soaring costs and to table questions at the next world presidium as to why all the upcoming championships are being held in Asia and the USA.

Currently the BTBA contribution towards sending teams in all age groups is approaching 70% of the total income, which is being spent on approximately 1% of the membership.

Next year the projection is even higher and realistically it is not sustainable.

To fully justify spending the vast majority of the membership’s money on this, our teams need to be competitive. We have started working towards that target with the introduction of the new National Academy at Youth level this year and it will be expanded to all age groups in January, for what will be the largest TE training camp ever.

We have put together a document explaining the Team England contributions going forward, please click here to download.

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