Coaching Licence and Qualification Policy Update

The FUNdamentals course has been designed as an entry level into the rudimentary aspects of bowling and is targeted at YBC helpers, parents of junior bowlers and other BTBA members with little or no knowledge of bowling. Additionally it will also provide a starting point for junior members aged 16-17 who wish to make a start in coaching.

In accordance with our plans to continually develop and rollout our coaching strategy, the following change will come in effect as from the 1st January 2018.

  • All bowlers aged 18+ who wish to become a coach can only attend the BTBA Foundation Coach course (ETBF Level).
  • Existing in-date transition licence holders will be able to upgrade via FUNdamentals up until the 31st March 2018.
  • Out of date licence holders, white licences or expired transition licences, must attend a Foundation Coach course before a new license will be issued.

For more information about Licence qualifications and renewal processes please see below:


LICENSES – White licences and Transition qualifications

  1. As previously announced with effect from 1st September 2017, all “white licenses” became invalid.
  2. Also with effect from 1st November no new Transition licences will be issued. New coaching licence applicants must hold one of the BTBA qualifications listed in General Terms and Conditions section below.
  3. Transition licence renewal applications that were received prior to 1st November will be issued with an expiry date of 31st March 2018.
  4. Any Transition licence renewals received after 1st November will only be issued, with an expiry date of 31st December unless an extension has been requested and approved using this form // The extension will run until 31st March 2018.
  5. Transition licences upgraded before March 2018 will receive their upgraded licence free of charge and it will expire on their BTBA membership renewal date in 2018.
  6. No new or renewed Transition licences will be issued in 2018.


LICENSES – General terms and conditions 

  1. With immediate effect all new licence applicants must hold one of the following qualifications;
  • BTBA FUNdamentals Coach
  • BTBA Foundation Coach
  • BTBA Development Coach
  • BTBA National Coach
  • BTBA Master Coach
  1. At the time of issue and re-issue, Head Office will make several checks;
  • BTBA Membership status
  • DBS status (registered with DBS update Service)
  • Current Coaching Qualification status (as per above)
  • Administration Fee paid (via Bank Transfer or Cheque to Head Office)
  1. All new applications and renewals will be receive licences with an expiry date that coincides with their BTBA membership expiry date. If your BTBA membership has less than 6 months to run it will be issued to cover the planned renewal i.e. for 14 months. Please note that the licence will only be valid while your BTBA membership is maintained.
  2. All coaches will be provided with personal indemnity and public liability insurance. Details can be found on the coaches club website
  3. Applications for coaching licences must be completed online at and must include a head and shoulders passport style photograph that can be reproduced onto your licence card.
  4. If a licence cannot be issued due to incomplete information the application will be rejected. i.e. no photograph, an invalid DBS certificate etc.
  5. For more information on the licence process please email


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