U22 England Girls Victorious At BTBA Final5 Event

btba final 5

The 2017 European Youth Championships (EYC) Girls Gold medal winning team played a challenge match against the Team England Girls U22 Squad under the rules of Final5, a new initiative from the BTBA at the Weber Cup last weekend in Barnsley.

The Final5 format has been designed to help players of all ages become accustomed to bowling at the business end of a match – the final five frames. Final5 will form the base of a new club competition to be launched by the BTBA in the 2018 season.

“What a great experience for both teams to play on the TV lane! Just to be able to stand up there and make a shot was an achievement. It’s very different to anything else. And to showcase a brand new game concept as well!

Final5 is a short explosive game that creates the atmosphere and the excitement of the business end of a match the final 5 frames. Traditional scoring system applies, it allows players to get that vital feeling of finishing off a match and working as a team.

The two Weber Cup captains Sean Rash and Dom Barrett flipped a coin and chose a team each and coached them, as well as making them feel comfortable and relaxed. Hats off to both for taking the time out to do that!

In a very close match the U22 team squeaked by the EYC Gold medal winning team winning by just 2 pins, 69-67.”

The EYC team was represented by Issy Allen, Lorna Scott, Natasja Ailes and Mia Bewley. The U22s were represented by Sophie Thompson, Elyse Giddens, Lucy Williams and Katie Tagg.


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