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Thornton, Hopcroft to Bowl QubicaAMF World Cup


The 2014 World Cup Qualifier, which determines the English bowlers that will represent their country in the 2014 World Cup Qualifier, was held at AMF Peterborough on the weekend of the 29th & 30th June 2014.  After qualification and finals rounds that include pinfall and a round-robin, Steve Thornton and Danni Hopcroft, who bowled one of two 300-games during the event (the other was men's runner-up Chris Oates) were to emerge winners and will represnt England in Poland.

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Steve Thornton and Danni Hopcroft will represent England at the 2014 Bowling World Cup



Steve Thornton and Danni Hopcroft To Represent England in Poland

QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, Wrocklaw, Poland, 2014.


"Just two years after going to Poland, QubicaAMF is taking its 50th edition of the Bowling World Cup back there. And back to Wroclaw, as the 1000 year old City together with Sky Bowling will be hosting this most prestigious of all bowling events."

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wcq2014st.png wcq2014dh.png
Steve Thornton and Danni Hopcroft will represent England at the 2014 Bowling World Cup



England held their World Cup Qualifiers on the weekend of the 21st & 22nd June 2014 at AMF Peterborough, in an open tournament managed by the Premier Tenpin Bowling Club ( ) on behalf of the British Tenpin Bowling Association's 2014 BTBA Tour.

wcq2014co.pngQualification was over eight games total pinfall, and after the opeing squad  on the Saturday, George Ackerman headed the table with 1878 (234.75), ahead of Chris Oates (228.13) in second with 1825 and Ian Hollands third with 1795 (224.38).  Oates (left) recorded the first of two perfect 300-games bowled in the event, in game four of his set.

For the ladies, Laura Marcham led from start to finish with 1745 (218.13) over secod-placed Lisa John on 1645 (205.63) and Casey Goettel (visitor, USA) in third on (1555, 194.38).

In squad two on Sunday, Danni Hopcroft held the top of the Sunday tables throughout to dip in the final game to a 166, settling for second place overall, just behind Marcham, with 1712 (214.00), and ahead of third-placed Keira Reay with 1690  (21.25).

For the men, Sunday saw Leon Devlin also lead from the front, posting 1921 (240.13) to lead overall and nudge Ackerman down to second-place, whilst Matt Miller took third-place with 1868 (233.50). 

Finals Round 1

Cutting to the top-12 men and top-six ladies, a further four games were played. After game one, Devlin and Marcham were still leading, however game two saw Lisa John edge-above Marcham after a powerful 266-game, as Devlin maintained his place atop the men.

A 245 game three from Hopcroft saw her take the lead in the ladies, as again Devlin rode high.  After game four, Ray Teece had moved-in to second place behind Devlin's 2790 (232.5) with 2735 (227.92) with Miller in third on 2733 (227.75) Ackerman in fourth on 2726 (227.17).

For the ladies, John fnished this round as first seed, with 2557 (213.08) as Hayley White climbed into second with 2548 (212.33) and Hopcroft dropped to third with 2547 (212.25).  Marcham held-on and took fourth place with 2506 (208.83).

Finals Round 2

Cutting to the top-eight men, Devlin continued leading the men, as Miller took second from Teece and Oates held fourth.  Game two saw no change.  At the end of gae four there were a number of changes, with Devlin dropping to second (3650) and Oates taking lead (3670), Miller taking third (3623) and Peter Stevenson fourth (3612).  Steve Thornton was last in the cut to the round-robin in eigth (3511).

Round Robin Finals

After seven games of round-robin, Thornton had taken the lead position with a display of control and bowling that included games of 245, 268 and 289 winning every game to finish 5258 +210 bonus for 5458 and the win.  Oates was second, just 80 pins off with 5268 +120 = 5300 and Devlin third with 5199 +90 = 5289.  Thornton put his mastery of the round-robin down to a bold change of tactics, telling us "I struggled with carry up until the round robin, so I tried something different and played where no one else was- outside.  And it worked!!  Really looking forward to representing my country once again."

Hopcroft also dominated the ladies round-robin, taking full bonus pins and five from five wins, to secure the ladies spot by +176 pins with 3765 +150 = 3915 over second-placed John on 3679 +60 = 3739 and third-placed White on 3627 +90 = 3717.  Hopcroft had a dream ending, taking the title in style bowling her first ever 300-game in the final game of qualification, and told Talktenpin that it was not until she had returned-home that it really sunk-in that she had won.  She added "I'm over the moon, very proud and very excited to be able to pull on an England shirt again!" - Danni has just returned from England duty where she was part of the ladies team that retained team gold at the 2014 European Women Championships in Berlin.

We wish them both every success in the World Cup Qualifier.


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