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WTBA World Championships Las Vegas 2013


Team England bowled the 2013 World Tenpin Bowling Association's World Championships at Strike Zone, Henderson, Las Vegas from 17th-30th August. 2013  Representing the men; Steve Thornton, John Wells, Ray Teece, Matt Miller, Stu WIlliams and Mike Quarry.  For the women; Autum Chamberlain, Hayley Rumkee, Hayley White, Nicky AInge, Lisa John and Jo Allsebrook.

Red Rock Lanes Resort features a 72-lane centre (of which 60 are tournament and 12 VIP) and is a Brunswick centre, with ProAnvilane lanes and textured approaches, and Brunswick Max pins in GS-X pinsetters.  Scoring is via the Brunswick Vector Plus system.  The USBC and Lucase Wiseman are broadcasting the whole event live on stream. 

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Bronze in Trios for England's Women


Lisa John, Hayley Rumkee and Autum Chamberlain delight the England
supporters with a tremendous team effort to make the finals

Picture courtesy Deutsche Bowling Union


About the Championships: Bowlers will be bowling on 2 patterns during the Championships, the short oil is WTBA Sydney at 33 ft and the medium oil is WTBA Seoul at 39ft.

"We expect that the next two weeks at Sunset Station will be a real showcase event for the sport of bowling," WTBA President and CEO Kevin Dornberger said. "Our sport's best athletes will compete on the grandest stage we can offer."

A total of 46 countries will compete with 222 men and 212 women making up the field of bowlers seeking world titles at Sunset Station's Strike Zone Bowling Center. The opening ceremonies will take place Friday night with competition set to get underway Monday.
The last time the World Championships featured both the men and women in the same venue was in 2003 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since then, the World Championships have been held every two years, alternating between men and women.

On Monday 19th the men will play the singles through to the finals, and the women do the same on Tuesday.  On Wednesday and Thursday it is the men's then women's doubles, and Friday to Monday 26th the men's and women's trios are played-out.  Tuesday and Wednesday will see men's and women's teams played, and finally Thursday and Friday sees the end of the team finals and the Masters.

WTBAChamps2013MTMonday 19th:  The 2013 Championships opened with the men's singles.  John Wells and Steve Thornton started for England and despite being first up for the team, John decided the best way was the 'high' way starting with 266.  Steve wavered to a 179, before the change of lanes gave Steve the front-5 and he powered through a 233.  Games 3 and 4 were troublesome to Steve but he emerged with 258 and 221 in games 5 and 6 to close 1,270 (211.67 / -148) and in 30th.  John found hard lines in game 3 but recovered to close 249, 200 and 237 for 1,261 (210.17 / -157) and 38th.

In the second squad, Matt Miller was paired with Ray Teece and Stu Williams with Mike Quarry.  Ray bowled steady for 1,195 (199.17 / -223) with games of 215 and 220 taking him to 78th place.  Matt started a little stronger with games of 225 and 203 followed with 224 and 201 however it was just not quite enough to keep-up with Ray, ahd he finished with 1,184 (197.33 / -234) in 91st place.

Mike bowled games of 201 and 231 to finish with 1,075 (179.17 / -343) in 170th and Stu, despite a strong 238 opening game finished on 1,056 (176.00 / -362) in 180th, to tie with Nechushtan (ISR) and the pairing of Marin (BRA) and Castelloes (BRA).

WTBAChamps2013WQHigh drama in the top-four as Chris Barnes (USA) needed to close the 10th-frame to take the last finals place by a single pin, or mark and 9-spare to tie for a one-ball roll-off.  Not particularly happy with his 10th ball Barnes pulled the 11th leaving 2-pins standing, missing the last qualification place by one pin.

In the stepladder, Bodo Konieczny (GER) defeated Swede Martin Larsen 109-183 and defending champion Bill O'Neil (USA), fresh from a closing 300-game in qualification, defeated Seung-Hyeon Shin (KOR) 181-155.  In the finals O'Neil defeated Konieczny comfortably 228-192 to retain the Gold medal and defend his title.

Men's Singles Results: Click Here

530326_509943409077595_413972444_nTuesday 20th August: The team have been in Vegas for some days, and after watching the men bowl on Monday the women were pretty excited to finally get to start their championships.  Autum and Hayley Rumkee, and Jo and Nicki bowled the morning singles squad whilst Lisa and Hayley White bowled the afternoon squad.

1098167_509945252410744_1980679728_nAfter finding her lines through game 1, Hayley R took a firm hand to her game and continued with games of 207, 240, 213, 192 and 212 to finish on 1,241 (206.83 / 219) and in 12th having reached 6th place in her squad.  Autum also took control of her game bowling games of 225, 220 and 211 in her set, but it was just enough to give her 29th with 1,203 (200.50 / -257) tied with Sanna Pasanen in Finland.  They did get to share lanes with Kelly Kulick and Melinder 'Missy' Parkin as well.

Nicki had a steady set of 1,044 (174.0 / -416) to tie with Caroline Johnsson (SWE) and Lia Mojarro (CAT) and take 159th whilst Jo ended in 169th with 1,020 (170.00 / -440) but did enjoy games of 219 and 201 in her set.

In the afternoon squad, Lisa came out fighting with a great 231 opening game, but only found a 202 in the final game to finish in 74th with 1,139 (189.83 / -321).  Hayley W was unable to break par but came close with a 194 game 2, and finished on 161st with 1,042 (173.67 / -418).

In the semi-finals Ya-Ting Wang (TPE) defeated Mariana Ayala (PUR) 205-190 and high-tension as Seo-Yeon Ryu (KOR) defeated Chiung-Yao Huang (TPE) 202-200.

In the final, Ryu defeated Wang 224-182.

Women's Singles Results: Click Here 

WTBAChamps2013WTWednesday 21st: Mike Quarry & Stu Williams, and Ray Teece & Matt Miller were teamed-together for the men's doubles today.  It was a great run by Mike and Stu who carded games of 453, 469, 492 and 466 to end their squad in 4th place on 2,647 (220.58 / -92) although at the end of game five they enjoyed the pole position 25 pins clear.  A last game 364 however dropped them to -92.  Mike was +73 with games of 212, 217, 247, 224, 198 and 175 whilst Stu was +174 with games of 241, 186, 222, 268, 268 and 189.

Ray and Matt also bowled squad 1, finishing in 18th on 2,519 (209.92 / -220) with games of 455, 455 and 479.  Ray finished +99 with games of 214, 236, 225, 214 and 226 and Matt +20 with games of 219, 230 and 253.

John Wells and Steve Thornton bowled in the afternoon, squad 2, finishing11th in squad with games of 466, 478, 416 and 465 and 2,587 (215.58 / -197).  John opened with 276 on his way to a total 1,320 (+120) with games of 276, 222, 206 and 238.  Steve bowled a great set as well, ending 1,267 with games of 256, 233 and 227.

Overall, Mike and Stu completed the doubles in 11th, John and Steve in 18th and Ray and Matt in 40th.

In the semi-finals, it was USA -v- USA and Finland -v- Finland as John Szczerbinski and Chris Barnes defeated John Janawicz and Mike Fagan 472-458 and Pasi Uotila and Osku Palermaa defeated Joonas Jehkinen and Petteri Salonen 480-453.

In the finals the USA put the pressure onto Finland from the start, and defeated the Fins 569-472 as Barnes rolled 279 and Szczerbinski rolled 290.

Men's Doubles Results: Click Here 

556320_510115022393767_189168956_nThursday 22nd: Today, the women took to the lanes for their doubles.  Nicki found the Seoul pattern to her liking, rolling 1,345 (224.17) with games of 206, 244, 227, 210 and 267.  Lisa also enjoyed games of 248, 213 and 226 in her 1,238 (206.33) set, and they finished their squad in  9th and 18th overall with 2,583 (215.25 / -297).

Jo and Hayley White finished in 33rd in their squad and 59th overall with 2,362 (196.83 / -518) with Hayley breaking par on 1,206 (201.00) and Jo bowling 1,156 (192.67).  Jo had a last-push to bowl 244, 208 whilst Hayley rolled consistently with 235 game to make the par score.

Autum and Hayley Rumkee finished in 12th insquad 2 and 22nd overall with 2,532 (211.00 / -348).  Autum bowled games of 202, 249, 202, 236 and 227 in her set of 1,298 (216.33), and Hayley games of 228, 268 and 219 in her 1,234 (205.67).

In the semi-finals, Kelly Kulick and Missy Parkin (USA) defeated the Venezuelan pairing of Karen & Alicia Marcano 483-373, with Kulick rolling a perfect 300-game, and Stefanie Nation (USA) and Shannon OKeefe defeated Ann-Maree Putney and Carol Gianotti 469-430 to set-up a USA-USA finals, which was won by Nation & OKeefe 482-438.

Women's Doubles Results: Click Here

AutHayLiJoRaStFriday 23rd & Saturday 24th: Friday and Saturday saw the first rounds of both the men's and women's trios on the short Sydney pattern, with round 2 on the longer Seoul.  Each round comprises 3 games, a total 6 games counting.

After round 1, team Wells/Thornton/Teece were 38th with 1,761 (196.33 / -273)  with John bowling 639, Steve 562 and Ray 560.  Only two places behind, on1,747 (194.11 / -293) were team Quarry/Miller/Williams, with Mike bowling 593, Matt 568 and Stu 586.

Team Chamberlain/Rumkee/John fared well, finishing round 1 in 18th on 1,727 (191.89 / -283) with Lisa and Hayley bowling 611 games and Autum 505.  Team White/Allsebrook/Ainge finished 39th with 1,638 (182.00 / -372) with Hayley bowling 537, Jo 522 and Nicki 579.

Overall, after round 1 of 2, the Koreans Ryu, Lee and Son head the women on 2,010 (223.33) with Taipei second with 1,897 (210.78 / -113) , Singapore third with 1,862 (206.89 / -148) and Korea again in fourth with Kim/Baek/Jung bowling 1,838 (204.22 / -172).  No surprises to see USA in the top-four for the men, with O'Neill/Jones/Barnes first with 2,040, Canada's Buffa/Lavoie/Girard second with 1,992 (221.33 / -48), Columbia's Rey/Rodriguez/Mehia in third with 1,992 (221.33 / -48) and USA's Janawicz/Szczerbinski/Fagan fourth with 1,975 (219.44 / -65).

Men's Trios Results: Click Here


Sunday 25th & Monday 26th: In block 2 on Sunday, on the Seoul pattern, team Quarry/Miller/Williams bowled great sets to finish the block in 15th with 1,924 (213.78 / -245) - Mike made 631, Matt 643 and Stu 650.  Team Wells/Thornton/Teece completed the block in 31st with 1,707 (189.67 / -408) with John making 615, Steve 560 and Ray 532.

Overall Mike, Matt and Stu finished in 28th place with 3,671 and John, Steve and Ray in 56th with 3,468.

In the semi-finals Choi/Cho/Kim (KOR) defeated Rey/Rodriguez/Majia (COL) 699-444 and Buffa/Lavoie/Girard (CAN) defeated O'Neill/Jones/Barnes (USA) 601-579.  Canada defeated Korea in the finals 721-602 with Buffa bowling 279.

On Monday the women completed their trio's second blocks.  Team White/Allsebrook/Ainge finished the block in 21st place, with 1,743 (193.67 / -262).  Nicki broke par on the medium with 631, with Hayley bowling 545 and Jo 585.  Overall, the team finished in 38th.

In the afternoon, team Chamberlain/Rumkee/John shot out of the blocks with Lisa bowling 279, Autum 257 and Hayley 217 to open with a team 753 game.  In game 2 the team all matched each other with Lisa bowling 264, Hayley 226 and Autum 225 for a 715.  In averages the team were second overall for two games, and second in the block, too.  Game three tested the team and it was Autum that carried the momentum from Lisa's game 1 by converting a split on in the first frame, to nine-spare frame 2 and the strike-off the sheet.  Hayley rallied in frames nine and ten closing out, and Lisa continued to underpin the team with 176.  It was a nervous wait for official confirmation but England qualified in third place overall.

In the stepladder Korea's Ryu/Lee/Son defeated Japan's Teshima/Mukotani/Matsuda 608-571 and Canada's Rioux/How/Lagrange defeated England 623-506.  In the finals Korea defeated Canada 587-585 after a cruel pocket 7-10 in frame 10 against  Lagrange.

Women's Trios Results: Click Here

TheBoysTuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th: The opening block of the team event was played on the short, Sydney pattern.  650 from Stu, 633 from John, 589 from Mike, 568 from Matt and 542 from Steve put England in 20th place in the block with 2982 (198.80 / -305).  As always, high games were hard work but games of 217, 209, 207 and 243 keep the momentum running through the block.  Elsewhere on the lanes Mexico rolled a new Record Team of Five 1309 game.

The women finished their block 1 in 10th place with 2926 (195.07 / -230), Hayley R finishing on 266 for 676, and Nicki on 621, Autum on 570, Lisa on 553 and Hayley W on 506.  Rumkee's 266 game and 676 series would need to be confirmed but look to be the high-game and series of the block.

TheGirlsWednesdays block was on Seoul, and England's men made great progress.  With John on 699, Stu on 687, Mike on 671, Ray on 641 and Matt on 638 they placed 6th in the block on 3336 (222.40 / -157).  Overall the men finished the team in 11th place with 6318 (210.60 / -242).  John moved-up to 20th place in the men's all-events to make the cut for the Masters.

The women continued to push hard and made great scores on the Seoul pattern for 3192 (212.80 / -299).  677 for Lisa, 673 for Jo, 662 for Nicki, 637 for Hayley R and 543 for Autum placed them 8th in the block.  Jo had a great 241 opening game to life team spirits and Nicki carried that though with 277 in game two, and then it passed to Lisa with a 269 game three.  A great team performance.  Overall the women finished the team event in 9th place on 6118 (203.93 / -321).  Hayley Rumkee moved to position 22 in the All Events and joins John in the Masters.

Full results will be available once the Teams event concludes

WTBA2013MasterThursday 29th: John and Hayley took to the lanes today for the Masters.  The first round was to cut to the top eight following 6 games, all pinfall carried-forward.  John was 10th highest in the block after the six games, bowling 187, 242, 176, 257, 209 and 164 for 1,235 and 6402 overall.  John finished  his masters in 18th.

John finished above some of the most recognised names in the game including those that earn their living on the PBA Tour, including Tore Torgersen (NOR) and Osku Palermaa  (FIN) and Tommy Jones (USA).

In the second round of round-robin, Chris Barnes (USA) took first, and Koreans Young-Seon Cho, Seung-Hyeon Shin and Jun-Yung Kim to second, third and fourth.

Hayley started her Masters with 234, the second-highest openin game behind Japans Teshima, and continued with games of 192, 204, 279, 192 and 211 for a total 1,312 and 6,323 overall, completing her masters in 14th.

As with John, Hayley finished ahead of a flood of stars including Europeans Lisanne Breeschoten (NED), Mai Ginge Jensen (DEN) , as welas the Marcano sisters (VEN), and Kelly Kulick (USA).

In the round-robin, Liz Johnson (USA) finished in second place, with first, third and fourth going to Koreans Moon-Jeong Kim, Yun-Hee Son and Seo-Yeon Ryu.

Full results will be available once the Masters concludes


Week 1

Friday, Aug. 16

All day - Last day of arrival/unofficial practice

14:30-16:30 - Clinic for area youth and Special Olympics bowlers

19:30-21:00 - Opening ceremony

21:00 - Music concert

Saturday, Aug. 17

09:30-16:00 - International pro-am

16:00-22:00 - Unofficial practice

18:00-19:30 - Manager meeting

Sunday, Aug. 18

09:00-10:30 - Official practice (men)

10:30-12:00 - Lane maintenance

12:00-13:30 - Official practice (men)

13:30-15:00 - Lane maintenance

15:00-16:30 - Official practice (women)

16:30-18:00 - Lane maintenance

18:00-19:30 - Official practice (women)

Monday, Aug. 19

08:00-11:30 - Men's singles squad 1 (shorter oil)

11:30-13:00 - Lane maintenance

13:00-16:30 - Men's singles squad 2 (shorter oil)

16:30-17:00 - Lane maintenance

17:00-17:30 - Men's singles semifinals (shorter oil)

17:30-18:00 - Men's singles final (shorter oil)

Tuesday, Aug. 20

08:00-11:30 - Women's singles squad 1 (shorter oil)

11:30-13:00 - Lane maintenance

13:00-16:30 - Women's singles squad 2 (shorter oil)

16:30-17:00 - Men's singles medal ceremony and lane maintenance

17:00-17:30 - Women's singles semifinals (shorter oil)

17:30-18:00 - Women's singles final (shorter oil)

Wednesday, Aug. 21

08:00-11:30 - Men's doubles squad 1 (longer oil)

11:30-13:00 - Lane maintenance

13:00-16:30 - Men's doubles squad 2 (longer oil)

16:30-17:00 - Women's singles medal ceremony and lane maintenance

17:00-18:00 - Men's doubles semifinals (longer oil)

18:00-19:00 - Men's doubles final (longer oil)

Thursday, Aug. 22

08:00-11:30 - Women's doubles squad 1 (longer oil)

11:30-13:00 - Lane maintenance

13:00-16:30 - Women's doubles squad 2 (longer oil)

16:30-17:00 - Men's doubles medal ceremony and lane maintenance

17:00-18:00 - Women's doubles semifinals (longer oil)

18:00-19:00 - Women's doubles final (longer oil)


Week 2

Friday, Aug. 23

09:00-11:30 - Men's trios round 1, squad 1 (shorter oil)

11:30-13:00 - Women's doubles medal ceremony and lane maintenance

13:00-15:30 - Men's trios round 1, squad 2 (shorter oil)

Saturday, Aug. 24

09:00-11:30 - Women's trios round 1, squad 1 (shorter oil)

11:30-13:00 - Lane maintenance

13:00-15:30 - Women's trios round 1, squad 2 (shorter oil)

Sunday, Aug. 25

08:00-10:30 - Men's trios round 2, squad 2 (longer oil)

10:30-12:00 - Lane maintenance

12:00-14:30 - Men's trios round 2, squad 1 (longer oil)

14:30-15:00 - Lane maintenance

15:00-16:15 - Men's trios semifinals

16:15-17:30 - Men's trios final

17:45-18:15 - Men's trios medal ceremony

Monday, Aug. 26

08:00-10:30 - Women's trios round 2, squad 2 (longer oil)

10:30-12:00 - Lane maintenance

12:00-14:30 - Women's trios round 2, squad 1 (longer oil)

14:30-15:00 - Lane maintenance

15:00-16:15 - Women's trios semifinals

16:15-17:30 - Women's trios final

17:45-18:15 - Women's trios medal ceremony

Tuesday, Aug. 27

08:00-12:30 - Men's team round 1 (shorter oil)

12:30-14:00 - Lane maintenance

14:00-18:30 - Women's team round 1 (shorter oil)

Wednesday, Aug. 28

08:00-12:30 - Men's team round 2 (longer oil)

12:30-14:00 - Lane maintenance

14:00-18:30 - Women's team round 2 (longer oil)

Thursday, Aug. 29

08:00-11:00 - Masters Round 1

11:00-12:30 - Lane maintenance

12:30-16:00 - Masters Round 2

16:00-17:00 - Lane maintenance

17:00-18:45 - Women's team semifinals

18:45-19:15 - Lane maintenance

19:15-21:00 - Men's team semifinals

Friday, Aug. 30

08:30-09:30 - Men's and women's Masters semifinals

09:30-09:45 - Lane maintenance

09:45-10:45 - Women's Masters final

10:45-11:45 - Men's Masters final

11:45-12:45 - Lane maintenance

12:45-14:00 - Women's team final

14:00-14:30 - Lane maintenance

14:30-16:00 - Men's team final

19:00 - Farewell banquet, closing ceremony, Masters medal ceremony

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