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WTBA Senior World Championships Las Vegas 2013


Senior Team England bowled in the inaugural 2013 World Senior Tenpin Bowling Association's World Championships at Red Rock Lanes, Las Vegas.  Representing the men were Gary Barlow, Geoff Brown, Mark Fullbrook and Ian Lee whilst representing the women were Angie Brown, Jan Hodge, Tricia Lloyd and Jan Steiner.

Red Rock Lanes Resort features a 72-lane centre (of which 60 are tournament and 12 VIP) and is a Brunswick centre, with ProAnvilane lanes and textured approaches, and Brunswick Max pins in GS-X pinsetters.  Scoring is via the Brunswick Vector Plus system.

Although the USBC are streaming the adult tournament starting August 19th there is sadly no official Senior event stream.

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About the Championships: Bowlers will be bowling on 2 patterns during the Championships, the 40ft WTBA Athens and 35ft WTBA Beijing.  Lane maintenance will be via Kegel Custodian with 'Ice' oil and 'Defense-C' cleaner.

Kegel have completed a complete Lane Map, and this maybe viewed by clicking here...

Kevin Dornberger, WTBA President declared the inaugural World Senior Championships open as 213 bowlers and their officials and families from 33 countires attended the opening ceremony.

With official practice completed Sunday 11th, play starts Monday with the Men's and Women's singles and completes with the medlas ceremony.  Tuesday sees the men's and women's doubles, again completing with the medals ceremony.

Wednesday and Thursday sees the teams compete, and Thursday afternoon ends with the medals ceremony for the team, followed by the start of the Masters and the All Events medals ceremony.  Friday completes the inaugural Senior World Championships with the Masters finals and medals ceremony, farwell celebration, and opening ceremony for the 2013 Combined World Championships.

Photograph above courtesy of Herbert Bickel

The BTBA and Senior Team England wish our bowlers the very best of luck in this historic event.

SnrWTBAChams2013_Team_White_ShirtsMonday, August 12th: The Championships opened with the singles event, on short oil.  In Men's Squad A, Geoff Brown carded an opening 223 game, and followed with games of 188, 193, 202, 194 and 213 to complete his squad in 10th place with 1,213 (202.17 / -158).  Gary Barlow bowled games of 193, 170, 231, 191, 212 and 186 for a total 1,165 (194.17 / -206) and completed his squad in 20th.

In Squad B, Ian Dee bowled games of 212, 197, 192, 181, 218 and 182 for a total 1,182 (197.00 / -146) and finished his squad in 18th place.  Mark Fullbrook bowled games of 186, 148, 168, 224, 220 and 194 for a total 1,140 (190.00 / -188) to complete his squad in 32nd.

Overall in qualification, Geoff qualified in 21st, Ian in 32nd, Gary in 46th and Mark in 56th.

In the semi finals, Ron Mohr (USA) defeated Christer Pettersson (SWE) 164-156, and Christer Danielsson defeated Robert Chinner (AUS) 186-113 to setup a final match with Moor, who he went on to defeat 214-210.

For the women, Angie Brown bowled games of 172, 174, 276, 186, 151 and 185 for a total 1,144 (190.67 / -94) for sixth place in her squad, and Jan Hodge bowled games of 179, 154, 160, 189, 168 and 180 for a total 1,030 (171.67 / -208) and finished her squad in 26th.

Jan Steiner bowled games of 171, 161, 196, 173, 222 and 156 for a total 1,079 (179.83 / -219) taking 17th place in her squad, and Tricia Lloyd bowled games of 145, 177, 210, 186, 159 and 144 for her total of 1,021 (170.17 / -277) and ending her squad in 28th.

Overall in qualification, Angie finished in 13th, Jan Steiner 29th, Jan Hodge 53rd and Tricia 57th.

In the semi finals, Lucy Sandelin (USA) defeated Robin Romeo (USA) 225-197, and Christel Carlsson (SWE) defeated Riitta Nikupeteri 210-166.  Sandelin defetaed Carlsson in the final 235-192.

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Singles Results Men's Singles Women's Singles

2013SnrWTBAMenTuesday, August 13th: Playing on the medium oil "Athens", the partnership of Ian Lee & Mark Fullbrook completed their squad in 9th position with 2,329 (194.08 / -303), with individual games of 205, 204, 203 and 238 lifting them into the top-10.

In squad B, Gary Barlow & Geoff Brown bowled 2,315 (192.92 / -2213) to finish their squad in 14th, including individual games of 214, 221, 222, 220, 205 and 220.

Overall, Ian & Mark qualified in 21st position and Gary and Geoff in 23rd. 

In the semi finals, Hugh miller & Ron Mohr (USA) - who qualified 4th after a roll-off with Timo Makela & Teemu Raatikainen of Finland - defeated Ed Roberts & Del Ballard Jnr 379-349, and Edgar Gomez & David Romero (COL) defeated Jack Brace & Ray Vervynck (CAN) 375-357.  The finals saw Miller & Mohr defeat Gomez & Romero 450-387.  Of the roll-off between the USA and Finland, out team told us "High drama at the end of the mens' doubles. There was a tie for 4th position between Finland and USA 2. Under WTBA rules, this was to be settled with a single ball rolloff for each player. Teemu Raatikainen for Finland hoiked his ball into the Brooklyn for a strike, while Ed Roberts smashed all ten pins into the pit. Timo Mäkelä put a nervy ball high and left a single pin, which gave Del Ballerd Jr the chance to win with a strike, which he did perfectly."

For the women, Tricia Lloyd & Jan Steiner bowled 2,019 (168.25 / -395) for 20th in their squad with high individual games of 212 and 208.  In squad B Jan Hodge & Angie Brown bowled 2,236 (186.33 / -124) for 6th in their squad, including individual games of 212, 213 and 201.

Overall Jand & Angie completed qualification in 10th place, and Tricia and Jan S finished in 38th.

In the semi finals, Veronica Berumen & Teresa Piccini (MEX) defeated Lena Sulkanen & Christel Carlsson (SWE) 414-393 and Lucy Sandelin & Tish Johnson (USA) defeated Ann-Ki Larsson Carlsson & Susanne Olsson (SWE) 438-334.  In the finals Berumen & Piccini defeated Sandelin & Johnson 401-387.

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Doubles Results Men's Doubles
Women's Doubles

2013SnrWTBALadiesWednesday, August 13th and Thursday, August 14th: The 'Team of Four' event took place over two blocks for each of the men and women teams.  Block 1 was on the Athen medium and block 2 the Beijing Short.  England's men rolled 576, 561, 546 and 619 for a total 2,302 (191.83 / -434) to end their first block in 15th place.  In block 2 they bowled 578, 534, 525 and 569 for 2,206 (183.83 -345) for 16th in that block.  High games were rare across the centre, but Gary enjoy games of 201, 210 & 203, Mark a 204 and Geoff 229 and 236.  Overall the men finished qualification in 14th place as Sweden, USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico seeded for the finals.

In the semi finals, Sweden defeated Mexico 765-696 and USA defeated Puerto Rico 860-844.  Sweden were to defeat the USA in the finals comfortably 903-816.

The women completed block 1 with a great ninth-place finish, with 2,185 (182.08 / -197) after games of 529, 587, 524 and 545.  High games again were rare across the centre but Tricia managed to find a 217 and Angie a 213.  In block 2 on the short they bowled games of 479, 460, 546 and 521 for a total 2,006 (167.17 / -401) to take 12th place.  A double-par 200/200 for Jan Hodge and a 207 for Angie helping to keep team spirit going.  Overall, England's women finished qualification in an excellent tenth-place, with Canada, USA, Sweden and Australia seeded for the finals.

In the semi finals, Canada defeated Australia 857-752 and Sweden defeated the USA 794-755.  In the finals Sweden kept the pressure on Canada and defeated them by 148 pins 827-679.

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Team of Four Results Men's TO4 Women's TO4

All Events and Masters: The cut for the Masters, via the All Events was set at the top-24.  Geoff finished in 29th on 3,588 (199.83 / -637), Gary and Ian were tied-45th on 3,447 (191.50 / -778) and Mark 67th on 3,370 (187.22 / -855).  Finishing All Events in 16th place put Angie into the Masters of this inaugural event with Jan Hodge finished in 41st with 3,174 (176.33 / 542) and Jan Steiner tied-46th with Marta Ramos (PUR) on  3,150 (175.00 / -566).  Tricia finished 67th on 3,024 (168.00 / -692).

In the Masters Round 1, scores were far from blistering, with few 200+ games generall, and Angie started well with 199, but faltered a little to follow with 177, 187 and 164 and the dual-lane condition.  High games started flowing in games 5 and 6 as the condiions provided more friction and Angie was one to take full advantage  of this adding games of 237 and then 212 to her total, to end in 14th place on 4,548 (196.00 / -454).  

In the women's semi finals, Robin Romeo (USA) defeated Sharon Tataryn (CAN) 253-202 and Susanne Olsson (SWE) defeated Lucy Sandelin (USA) 222-179.  Romeo went on to defeat Olsson on the finals 180-161 to take the gold.

In the men's, Hugh Miller (USA) defeated Ron Mohr (USA) 203-181 and Jan Nordberg (SWE) defeated Christer Pettersson (SWE).  A final push by Miller and the USA took the gold from Nordberg 247-198.

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Masters Results Men's Masters
Women's Masters

The BTBA and Senior Team England congratulate the team on this historic even in Senior Bowling.

The Team's Blog - reverse date order by posting date

August 15th: First round of the masters completed, and England's participation in the Senior World Championships is over. Angie had a mountain to climb to qualify for the final 8, she started steadily, then had a couple of average games before finding the line and finishing with 449 over the last two games on the combined medium and short condition, to finish 12th in the squad, and 14th overall. Had qualification for the next round of the masters ben based only on this squad, she would have been 8 pins off the cut.
Tomorrow is the conclusion of the masters, followed in the afternoon by the farewell ceremony, before things switch to Sunset Station for the other World Championships.
The standout team has been Sweden, their preparation and technique have set them apart from the other countries. Team USA have some great bowlers, but haven't delivered the team performances which the Swedes have done. Hopefully the work Jon Zadel has done with the Adult England Team will deliver in the same way.
The next Senior World Championships will be in 2015. The location will be decided at the end of the month, the cities bidding are Vienna, Brussels, and Las Vegas (Sam's Town).

August 15th: Team event now completed. The ladies finished 10th, with Jan H just pipping Angie for top score. The men finished 14th, with Geoff being top bowler, aherad of Gary. The top four teams will play a knockout on Thursday morning, to decide the medal positions.
Following this, the Masters event starts, which is the only event played on both conditions at the same time. Although medals are awarded for the all-events, the scores still carry through into the Masters event. This means that the bowlers who qualified further down the list have no real chance of making the top 8 round-robin stage. Angie is the only English bowler to make the masters, and is 125 pins off of eighth place, with only 6 games to make up the difference.

August 14th: High drama at the end of the mens' doubles. There was a tie for 4th position between Finland and USA 2. Under WTBA rules, this was to be settled with a single ball rolloff for each player. Teemu Raatikainen for Finland hoiked his ball into the Brooklyn for a strike, while Ed Roberts smashed all ten pins into the pit. Timo Mäkelä put a nervy ball high and left a single pin, which gave Del Ballerd Jr the chance to win with a strike, which he did perfectly.

August 14th: Mixed fortunes for the English bowlers in the doubles today. Mark and Gary finished in 21st place on 2329, with Gary and Geoff close behind on 2313 in 23rd place. Angie and Jan H finished in 10th place on 2236, with Jan S and Trish back in 38th position on 2019.
In the individual rankings for the all-events, and qualification for the masters, Geoff is currently the cut for 24th on 2400, with Angie improving her position to 11th after her 1162 on the medium pattern today.

August 13th: First squad of the doubles finished. Difficult scoring for everyone, with making par a real challenge. USA pushed into third in the ladies by a late surge by Mexico, with Sweden hanging on in first place. USA lead in the mens' with Sweden again strong. A difficult time for the English pairings, hopefully better fortune in the second squad.

August 13th: First squad of doubles now under way. Scoring early on looks as tough on the medium as it did on the long. Difficult to find players, male or female, who are over par early on.

August 13th: Singles now completed, finals were very entertaining, with Christer Dannielson striking out for a victory over Ron Mohr, and American Lucy Sanderling defeating Cristal Carlsson in the ladies division.  Tomorrow brings the doubles, with Jan S with Trish and Ian with Mark getting the early start at 8:30. Angie with Jan H and Geoff with Gary bowl at 1pm. As well as the doubles competition, all are looking for a top 24 place to progress to Thursday's masters.

August 12th: Disappointing finish for England in the first singles squad. After getting up to third place after her 275 game, Angie finished in 6th place on 1144. Both ladies struggled with the speed the lanes changed, and a significant number of pairs which played differently. Matching up was tricky to achieve. The men, playing in the low number end of the house felt their pairs were more matched, but also felt a little disappointed with their scores.  Second singles squad starts at 1pm PST, 9pm UK time.

August 11th: First session of official practice over. Quite an event! Each country had 4 lanes for both the men and ladies, with the left pair short (Beijing 35ft) and the right medium (Athens 40ft). Then every ten minutes, all teams moved 8 lanes to the right in a 2 minute window. Not too bad, except going from lane 53 to lane 3!
The conditions didn't play as expected at all, however 5 minutes into practice, they announced there had been a mistake, and in fact the left was medium, and the right was short!
Once everyone understood this, it all made more sense, and lines and final ball selections were made. Everyone seemed happy with how they got on, but is was quite hectic.   Singles starts at 8:30 tomorrow PST, 16:30 UK time.


Times are Pacific Standard Time (PST) = British Summer Time (BST)  -8 hours.

Sunday, Aug. 11

  • 09:30-10:30 - Lane maintenance
  • 10:30-12:00 - Official practice (squad A)
  • 12:30-13:30 - Lane maintenance
  • 14:00-15:30 - Official practice (squad B)
  • 16:00-17:00 - Opening ceremony

Monday, Aug. 12

  • 07:30-08:30 - Lane maintenance
  • 08:30-12:00 - Men's and women's singles (squad A)
  • 12:00-13:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 13:00-16:30 - Men's and women's singles (squad B)
  • 16:30-17:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 17:00-18:00 - Men's and women's singles semifinals and finals
  • 18:00-18:30 - Singles medal ceremony

Tuesday, Aug. 13

  • 07:30-08:30 - Lane maintenance
  • 08:30-12:00 - Men's and women's doubles (squad A)
  • 12:00-13:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 13:00-16:30 - Men's and women's doubles (squad B)
  • 16:30-17:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 17:00-18:00 - Men's and women's doubles semifinals and finals
  • 18:00-18:30 - Doubles medal ceremony

Wednesday, Aug. 14

  • 08:00-09:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 09:00-12:00 - Men's and women's team (first block)
  • 12:00-14:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 14:00-17:00 - Men's and women's team second block)

Thursday, Aug. 15

  • 08:00-09:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 09:00-11:00 - Men's and women's team semifinals and finals
  • 11:00-11:30 - Team medal ceremony
  • 11:20-12:30 - Lane maintenance
  • 14:00-16:30 - Men's and women's Masters round 1
  • 16:30-17:00 - All-events medal ceremony

Friday, Aug. 16

  • 07:30-08:30 - Lane maintenance
  • 08:30-11:00 - Men's and women's Masters round 2
  • 11:00-12:00 - Lane maintenance
  • 12:00-13:00 - Men's and women's Masters semifinals and finals
  • 13:00-13:30 - Masters medal ceremony
  • 14:30 - Farewell celebration
  • 19:00 - Opening ceremony for 2013 Combined World Championships



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