The British Tenpin Bowling Association

European Men Championships 2012


16th - 26th August 2012, Plus Bowling Centre, Vienna

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Team Medal - Silver


John Wells, Mike Quarry, Matt Miller, Ray Teece, Stu Williams, Matt Chamberlain

with Chris and Jeff Buck

Trios Medal - Bronze


Ray Teece, Mike Quarry and Matt Miller (with Chris Buck)

Doubles Medal - Bronze


Matt Miller and Ray Teece

Matt Chamberlain, Matt Miller, Ray Teece, Mike Quarry, Stu Williams and John Wells will represent the Team England men in the European Men Championships in the Plus Bowling Centre in Vienna.  202 bowlers from 34 countries are participating this year, with more that 2,500 bowling balls going through registration.

For the latest "as published" results check the Official Results and Schedule link above.

MillerTeeceMedlaSMall18th/19th/20th August - Doubles Each doubles pairing played 12 games at doubles pace.  6 games on the long, and 6 on the short.  The 12 games were combined for total pinfall.  The top 4 teams playing for the semi- and finals on the 20th.  Squad 1 saw John Wells and Mike Quarry open for England, and with pinfalls of 2,394 (199.50) for Mike and 2,647 (220.58)  for John, England finished the squad in 3rd place with combined pinfall of 5,041 (210.04).

Squad 2 saw Matt Miller and Ray Teece combine with another powerful English performance of 2,507 (208.92) for Matt and 2,546 (212.17) for Ray, a total 5,053 (210.54).  Matt and Ray finished squad 2 in second place.

Squad 4 closed the doubles, with Stu Williams and Matt Chamberlain also putting-in another great England show, with Stu bowling 2,569 (214.08) and Matt 2,458 (204.83) for a combined total pinfall of 5,027 (209.46), finishing squad 4 in first place.

With the squads combined, Matt and Ray (England2) qualified for the semi- and finals in third place, with John and Mike missing the finals by only 5 pins, and Stu and Matt by only 19.  Sweden's Martin Paulsson/Robert Andersson finished qualification in first, Denmark's Mik Stampe/Thomas Larsen finished second and Germany's Marko Baade/Bodo Konieczny fourth.

In the semi-finals, Denmark beat England 474-403 - Matt and Ray collected bronze.


546520_10151142751651406_1669290081_n21st/22nd August The Trios were played over Tuesday and Wednesday on both oils with the semis and finals on Wednesday.  Medals will be awardedafter the opening team event on Thursday 23rd.

England2 (Miller/Quarry/Teece) had a steady start on the short oil, with Matt including games of 203 and 250, Mike 211 and 216 and Ray 214 in their block.  The second block on the long oil provided some great scoring opportunities and Ray was not slow in taking advantage of this going 239, 246 and 234 (719/239.67).  Not top 10 online casinos to be left out of the scores Mike hammered home a 270 and 222 whilst Matt added  242 to bring the team 3,796 pins (210.89) and second place in their squad, and second place overall in qualification.

England1 (Chamberlain/Wells/Williams) found the scoring pace slower but still shot games of 206, 232, 201, 200, 202, 201 and 244 in their combined block total of 3,441 pins (191.17).  They finished their squad in 7th place.

In the finals, Quarry/Teece/Miller were defeated by Finland 641 to 583 and were awarded the second medals set to England, the Trio's Bronze to add to Ray and Matt's doubles bronze.  In the other semi-finals Denmark defeated Sweden 629 to 617 and in the finals Denmark defeated Finland 611 to 602.


527186_138429752966903_1903329750_n23rd/24th August England selected Miller/Quarry/Teece/Wells/Williams for the short oil, and the team started out with strength, Matt rolling 204, Mike 254, Ray 215, John 213 and Stu 187.  After adding further games of 208, 205, 207, 213, 223 and 214 the team completed the first of the two squads in 4th place, the final qualifying position on 3,066 pins.

After a tactical change in team bringing Matt Chamberlain in for John on the long, the team rallied together again and maintained a consistent rate adding 92 pins to the short oil for 3,158 pins and games of 223, 284, 246, 215, 215, 212, 210, 215, 204, 204 to complete the squad in second place.  England qualified second for the semi-finals and finals just 59 pins behind leaders Finland.

In the semi-finals, England defeated Norway 1,068 to 964 (Finland defeated Sweden 1,004 to 992) and in the finals Finland defeated England 1,102 to 1,020.  England took the silver.


25th August With the All Events cutting to the top-24 bowlers for the Masters, Ray was placed 8th, Mike 9th, John 10th, Matt Miller 12th and Stu 15th.  Matt Chamberlain completed in 43rd.  The first round of the Masters saw Mike defeat Belgiums Jean-Marc Samain 2-0 with 264, 232 and Stu defeat Latvias Arturs Levikins 2-0 with 215, 198.  Sadly round 1 saw John and Matt knocked out by Swedens Kim bolleby and Norways Mads Sandbakken respectively.

Round 2 saw Stu defeat Swede Robert Andersson 2-0 with 227, 236 but unfortunately Ray was defeated by Norways Roger Olsen 2-1.

In the quarter finals Stu was defeated by Thomas Larsen 2-1, despite three great games of 219, 257 and 230.  Larsen had faltered severely going 227 and 162, but rallied with a perfect 300-game to take the win from Stu.  Larsen went on to battle fellow countryman Jesper Agerbo in the finals, loosing 2-1.



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