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European Women Championships 2012



June 6th - 17th, Dolfijn Bowl Tilburg, The Netherlands

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European Women Champions 2012 - Team England

Chris Buck (Manager), Lisa John, Jenny Billingham, Katrina Maciver, Jon Zadel (Coach)
Hayley White, Hayley Rumkee, Autum Chamberlain


Jenny Billingham, Autum Chamberlain, Lisa John, Katrina MacIver, Hayley Rumkee and Hayley White will represent the England women in the European Women Championships 2012 in Tilburg, The Netherlands between the 6th and 17th of June at Dolfijn Bowl.


This 20 lane centre is best known to most European bowlers as host of the “Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament” since 2002. The bowling centre has AMF 82-70 machines, Active Synthetic lanes and approaches and Steltronic computerscore. For the EWC 2012 Dolphin Bowling will use a tournament set of Diamond Duramid pins.

Center address: Dolfijn Bowl Tilburg, Ringbaan Oost 2a, 5013 CA Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Phone: +31 (0)13 5424380

The official tournament website can be found by following this link, and from the BTBA Homepage.

The ETBF Technical Delegate and Kegel, the official lane maintenance partner of ETBF, has decided the oil-lengths of the two oil-patterns for the European Women Championships 2012 to be 38 and 44 feet. The lengths of the final selected oil-patterns, which will be published at the Team Managers meeting, might vary with a maximum of +/- one foot from the lengths mentioned above.

ewc2012-18th June 2012
: The team had a successful Official Practice Session yesterday evening. Coach Jon Zadel told us that the tournament has started well, saying that their "expectations were met as we had a very comfortable official practice. We've had time for positive preparation this year and feel this has contributed very nicely to our trip so far.".

Jenny Billingham and Katrina Maciver started for England this morning in squad 1 of the medium oil.  A good start placed England third place in the squad with Billingham firing 228 and 211 after a lighter start for a 1,093 pinfall and Katrina finding good consistent form quickly with 1,274 pins.


EWC2012-2Hayley Rumkee and Autum Chamberlain went up a gear from there with Hayley roaring out from the start with 237 and 241 on her way to her 1,298 pin total, and Autum correcting a light starter to knock-down 1,282 pins including a 277 high game, only bettered by a 278 from Rebecka Larsen.  With Lisa John and Hayley White on the lanes at 9.00am local time Saturday (8.00am UK) England 2 sit in 5th and England 1 15th place through 3 of 4 squads, with Rumkee 8th, Chamberlain 11th, Maciver 12th and  Billingham 72nd in the all-events.

ewc2012-3ewc2012-49th June 2012: Hayley White hit the ground running with an opening 223 and 247, and had just a small dip for game three before closing with a superb 1,336 pins.  Lisa also stepped onto the approach with nothing but the target in mind and although just a little bit slower at the opening, it was no surprise to see her closing 237, 237, 235 for an equally superb 1,323 count.

Lisa and Hayley (as England 3) closed the squad in third, behind Germany (2,662) and Finland (2,717).

After the first 'block' of doubles on the medium oil, England 3 (Hayley/Lisa) were 4th (just 58 pins off the pace), England 2 (Autum/Hayley) were 8th and England 1 were 23rd.  The afternoon saw the remaining long-oil doubles complete 'block 2'. Autum and Hayley kept the pace, and the pressure up with Autum opening  with an incredible 279 on long fresh adding hi's of 223 and 204 to end her EWC2012 Doubles with 2,534 pins.  Hayley dug deep to find hi's of 233, 235, 233, 223 and 214 to take her pinfall to 2,635 - team total 5,269 pins and third place.  Autum's 279 was the squads high game.


Hayley White and Lisa added to their medium-oil tally with hi-games of 203, 249, 256, 203.  With a final pinfall of 2,587 for Hayley and 2.432 for Lisa England 3 took 8th place.  Katrina and Jenny added hi-games of 212, 212, 227 and 215 to their first block and finished with 2,448 (Katrina) and 2,306 (Jenny).  This ganve England 1 16th place with a combined total pinfall 4,754.

With Hayley and Autum through the semi-finals, they were matched against Finland's Pöllänen and Pöntinen.  With hearts filled with fight Autum counted 226 pins and Hayley 208 pins to defeat Finland 3 434 pins to 389. With Sweden 1 only making 388 pins and Sweden 3 349 this was a rich pinfall that at the right time would have been enough to have given these young English stars the gold.

The finals were hard.  Emotions and nerves at fever pitch.  Sweden's Planefors stole the show with 246 - watching X's fill your opponents scorecard is hard to take under any circumstances but Autum and Hayley kept pushing and pushing and it was only 36 pins that separated gold from silver.  Sweden took gold with 397 pins.


ewc2012-2211th June 2012:
The team have completed the first block of the trio's on the medium oil, and it has been a hard days play.  England 1, comprising Katrina, Jenny and Lisa rolled games of 215, 212, 223, 243 and 225 on their way to a team 1,860 pins.  This has them placed 7th after the block.

England 2, with Autum and both Hayley Rumkee and White were a little lighter with a team 1,835 and have taken 10th after block 1.  Again, many good games scored including 213, 214, 225, 217, 201 and 225.  There are 216 pins separating 1st and 10th after block 1, but distance (or pins!) means little when the heart is strong and the head is focused.  England, Denmark and Sweden are the only 3 countries to have both of their trio's in the top 10.

12th June 2012:  Trio's resumed today  with the long-oil  Games of 208, 204, 205, and 225 for England 1 took them to 5th place in Squad 2 after the second block, with a pinfall of 3,554.  A great days bowling especially for Lisa who finished 83 over for the 6 games.  England 2 pushed hard through the long and finished squad 3 in 2nd place with a team pinfall of 3, 652.  Games of 249, 209, 216, 225 and 212 helping put Autum and Hayley White over par with 1,208 and 1,246 respectively.  Hayley Rumkee was just 2 pins shy of par.  Outstanding results.  England 1 (Katrina, Jenny, Lisa) ended the trio's 12th overall and England 2 (Autum, Hayley, Hayley) 9th.

ewc2012-2113th June 2012:
  England have always had a strong team ethic, and that was on display in Tilburg as they started the Team Event on the medium oil.  Hayley White (639), Katrina (615), Autum (633), Hayley Rumkee (601) and Lisa (608) took the squad 1 lead from the start, and that is how it ended.  Games of 200, 227, 212, 201, 240, 244, 223, 215 and 204 helped power a final medium-oil total of 3,096 pins.  After squad 2, some outstanding bowling by Sweden, including 697 by Joline Persson Planefors and 745 by Rebecka Larsen put England into 2nd after block 1, 151 off of the pace. 

14th June 2012:
Team squads A and B on the long-oil saw Lithuania set the pace over 3 games of 2,873 pins.  Katrina stepped-aside and Jenny joined the team for the next block.  Jenny lead the team with an exceptional 660 pins in a total pinfall of 3,009.  Hayley White added 584, Autum 567, Hayley Rumkee another superb 600-series with 649 and Lisa 558.  All English eyes were on the live stream and live scoring as game 5 appeared to be testing the team, but it was only to be a blip on the map as the team rallied to a game 6 total of 1.027 to complete the Team event in 4th, and get the last coveted place to the Semi-finals.

Games of 226, 208, 226, 203, 201, 245, 223 and 207 providing a solid foundation upon which the team could reach to mentally to make those final pins.

The Semi-finals saw England again leading the way in Europe with games of 256, 206, 236, 258 powering the team to a "squad-leading" total 1,146 pinfall against Sweden,  with Germany defeating Denmark by 9 pins.

England now take-on Germany in the Team Finals, to be held on Saturday in the Efteling Theatre at 11.00am UK time.

16th June 2012:
  CHAMPIONS!! Team England's Women are European Women Championships 2012 Team Champions.  Played over a single 5-woman team game, you can but imagine the nerves and the personal desires to make an important impact in the game.  European Women Champion is a big title!

36The Efteling Theatre was fitted-out with a custom-built pair of lanes with 2 new pinspotters flown-in and assembled especially for the finals of the Team and Master today.

The theatre is within an amusement park and wes designed by Ton van de Ven and first opened its doors in 2002.

Never ones to shrink away from the challenge, Lisa filled the 10th frame to to show why she has some 22 international medals closing this magnificent Championships with a leading 254 pins.  Stabbing the air for sparing a 10-pin (something she had not managed in practice) Hayley Rumkee was not far behind with a sterling 238.  Providing strong support and taking the team to a wonderful 1,049 to 919 pins victory were Autum (180), Jenny (191) and Hayley White (186).


All Events: With the completion of the event the All Events table places Hayley Rumkee in 7th place, Hayley White in 8th, Autum in 18th, Lisa in 22nd, Katrina 33rd and Jenny 34th.  153 bowlers recorded results over the 24 games.  A fantastic set of results.


Medals: England took a silver medal in the doubles and Gold in the team.

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