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56th BTBA National Championships 2017


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Sanction No. 17/00001

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The BTBA are pleased to announce the 56th National Championships, a 2017 BTBA Adult and Senior Tour Stop, will take place at MFA Nottingham, 1 Belward Street, Nottingham, NG1 1JZ on the 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th March 2017.  If all the squads are full before the closing date overflow squads will be schedule for Sunday 12th March.

The 12th WILL NOT BE used until the rest of the squads are full.

The BTBA are pleased to announce that this year the All Events is being supported by B&P Fabrication and Striking Shirts. This is in the form of an extra £100 to the winner of both men and ladies of the A and B division All Events and an official Striking Shirts Adult Tour shirt for the winners of the men’s and ladies C division All Events.

Please Note that all Entries MUST be via the BTBA website using the entry form at the foot of this page.



Male and Female Team/Doubles combinations will be entered into the Open Division



 Singles and All events

 Division A

 200 and Over

 180 and Over


 Division B

 175 to 199

 160 to 179


 Division C

 174 and Under

 159 and Under


 Division A

 400 and Over

 360 and Over


 Division B

 350 to 399

 320 to 359

 Composite Team

 Division C

 349 and Under

 319 and Under


 4 Person Team

 Division A

 800 and Over

 720 and Over


 Division B

 700 to 799

 640 to 719

 Composite Team

 Division C

 699 and Under

 639 and Under


Tour points will be award to eligible individuals who enter the All Events element of the Tournament

Squad Times

All players must register for their squads at least 30 minutes before the start of their squad.

Saturday 18th March

Squad 1          Doubles                               09:00

Squad 2          Singles                                 10:30

Squad 3          4 Person Team                   13:00

Squad 4          Doubles                               16:30

Squad 5          Singles                                 18:00

Sunday  19th March

Squad 6          Doubles                               09:00

Squad 7          Singles                                 10:30

Squad 8          4 Person Team                   13:00

Squad 9           Doubles                               16:30

Squad 10         Singles                               18:00

Saturday 25th March

Squad 11        Doubles                               09:00

Squad 12        Singles                                 10:30

Squad 13         4 Person Team                   13:00

Squad 14         Doubles                               16:30

Squad 15          Singles                                 18:00

Sunday  26th March

Squad 16          Doubles                               09:00

Squad 17          Singles                                 10:30

Squad 18          4 Person Team                   13:00

Squad 19           Doubles                               16:30

Squad 20          Singles                                 18:00

Lane maintenance will be before each double and team squad

How to Enter

Entry MUST be via the BTBA website (below).

CLOSING DATE will be midnight 28th February 2016 Vacant squad places after the closing date may be filled by the Tournament Manager

Confirmation of entry will be emailed to Team Captains 2 days after the closing date.

Payment must be made via bank transfer to:

Barclays Bank Ilford

Sort Code: 20 44 22

Account Name: British Tenpin Bowling Association

Account No: 20 20 33 43

You must email when transfer has been made

Bank transfers must be referenced with the Team Captain’s name.  Once an entry has been paid and accepted no refunds can be made.  An entry may be sold to an eligible replacement on the authority of the Tournament Manager.

Joining the BTBA

To participate in the BTBA National Championships all participants must be BTBA members at the time of bowling in the tournament.

Anyone wishing to join the BTBA on the day will be able to do at the cost of £25.00

Entry Fees per Person

There will be an entry fee of £20.00 per person per event.  £7.00 of which will be prize fund.

Optional all-events of £7.00 per person per entry.

Prize fee will be returned 100% in prizes.

Total fee for an individual in the all events will be £67.00 per person.

Tournament Manager

Will be Dave Steiner who may be contacted on 07799411598.

General Playing Rules

Only such teams and individuals who are members of the BTBA prior to the time that they bowl in the tournament are eligible to participate in the Annual BTBA Tournament.

The General Playing Rules and Tournament Rules of the BTBA, together with the following Special Rules, will govern this tournament.

Penalty for Rule Violations

Any person who bowls under an assumed name, bowls under the name of an entrant scheduled in the tournament who fails to attend, or who is under suspension, or any team which employs a person herein described, both the person individually and the team collectively shall forfeit their entry and any or all rights to claim or hold any trophy or prize awarded in such tournament.  Such person or persons involved are subject to suspension.


A bowler who has bowled 21 games or more in more than one league must report his or her highest average.

1. Current season’s average for 21 games or more at time of entry being the highest in any league which you bowl be it sanctioned by the BTBA or not, or composite tournament average of 12 games or more, whichever is the higher, but cannot be more than 5 pins lower than previous seasons average.

2. If you have no current season’s average, last season’s average for 21 games or more will be acceptable, but may not be more than five (5) pins lower than your highest current or previous average for any number of games.  Nor may it be more than five (5) pins lower than your tournament average.

3. All entrants unable to meet the above requirements will be accepted in the highest division.

The tournament manager, may accept, reject or rerate any entrant, if, in his opinion, the highest average submitted does not conform to past performance of the team or individual, subject to appeal to the BTBA.

The team captain is responsible for the accuracy of all averages of the individual team members, and they in turn are responsible to him.  Should the Tournament Manager find it at any time that the averages have been falsified or do not conform to past performance the team shall forfeit all claims for prize money as well as their entry fee, and will be subject to disqualification and suspension from the BTBA.

Bowlers Equipment and Dress

Bowlers must wear shoes which will not damage or disfigure the approaches.  The use of any foreign substance on bowling shoes or approaches is strictly prohibited.  Bowling ball surfaces cannot be changed during competitive play.  Cleaners approved for use in competitive play may be used.

Participants must be dressed neatly and wear clothing acceptable for public appearances.  No participant will be permitted to play in shorts or jeans.  The Tournament Manager shall be the judge in this matter.

Please note it is the onus of responsibility on the participant to check that his/her bowling ball conforms to specification, spot checks may be made during this event.

Special Requirements

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes), eating, and the consumption of alcoholic’s beverages is forbidden during play or lane change, non-alcoholic drinks may be consumed outside of the players area.

General Information

Competitors can expect to experience some noise during the Competition from other players, especially during the Team Event. Competitors are prohibited from the use of air horns or any other type of mechanical noise making equipment.


The 56th BTBA National Championships 2017
MFA Nottingham. 1 Belward Street, Nottingham, NG1 1JZ.

    Please enter the number 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 or 20 as your 1st and 2nd choices in the Doubles/Singles Boxes, and 3, 8, 13 or 18 in the Team squad choice box. If playing in the 4 person team event indicate your playing place in the Team playing Position box.




  • Please Remember To Make Your Payment Swiftly

    Your entry cannot be guaranteed until payment has been received. Please make your payment now, either by online banking or at your branch.

    Please use your BTBA Number + "NATS" as your payment reference, and email payment advice to us, including this reference and date paid.

    If you are paying on behalf of other bowlers as well, please email a list of names and BTBA numbers (including your own). Please send these emails to

    An acknowledgement will be sent once your payment has been processed and your entry(ies) reserved.

    Payments please to:
    Barclays Bank Ilford
    Sort Code: 20 44 22
    Account No: 20 20 33 43

    Enquiries about the event should be made to the Tournament Manager Dave Steiner at

    Thank you, The BTBA.


    Thank you.
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