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Yorkshire is a historic county of Northern England. Due to its great size in comparison to other English counties, functions have been undertaken over time by its subdivisions, which have also been subject to periodic reform . - Wikipedia





 Alan Bennett  


 Eddie Rowe  


 Mark Stoner


 Katie Jowsey


 Finny Banks  Tournaments Chair


 Rob Harding  Tournaments Co-ordinator


 David Nutt  Junior Chair


 Nkc Wright  Junior Selections


 Les Grant  


 Paul Noon  


 Jo Allsebrook  


 Nathan Glave  Assistant Treasurer


 Karina Johnson  
 Member  Alan Edwards


 Member  Dean Walker





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 Your Sanctioned Leagues:

The table below details the BTBA sanctioned leagues within the Yorkshire area, along with the address of the centres in which they are bowled.  If you would like to find out more about bowling in one of our leagues, please email the league secretary using the email address provided.


Handicap or Scratch? In scratch bowling you compete using the total pinfall without any form of bonus, your score equals the number of pins that you have knocked-down.  Handicap bowling differs in-so-far as bonus pins are awarded based on a bowlers average, to enable lower-average players to compete with the top players in a league.


 BARNSLEY BOWL - Carlton Road, Barnsley, S71 2AZ


 Day and Time
 Handicap or Scratch  Secretary

 Barnsley YBC Singles

 Saturday, 9.00am  Handicap  Shaun Pleasance

 Barnsley YBC Trios

 Saturday, 9.00am
 Shaun Pleasance


 Thursday, 9.15pm
 John Norton

 BOWLPLEX CASTLEFORD - Colorado Way The Studio, Castleford, WF10 4TA

 League  Day and Time

 Handicap or Scratch

 Secretary  Email

 LA Castleford YBC

 Saturday, 9.30am
 Stephen Foster

 GO BOWLING SHIPLEY - Shipley Lanes, Market Street, Shipley, BD18 3QD


 Day and Time
 Handicap or Scratch  Secretary  Email

 Coors Scratch Doubles

 Tuesday, 6.30pm
 Scratch  John Lawless

 Shipley YBC

 Saturday, 10.00am
 Handicap  Derek Hewitt

 HOLLYWOOD BOWL HULL - Kingswood Leisure Park, Gibraltar Road, Hull, HU7 3DB


 Day and Time
 Handicap or Scratch  Secretary  Email

 Hull YBC

 Tuesday, 5.30pm
 Handicap  Stephen Thorley

 HOLLYWOOD BOWL LEEDS - Cardigan Fields Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2DG


 Day and Time
 Handicap or Scratch  Secretary  Email

 Hollywood Leeds YBC

 Saturday, 10.00am
 Handicap  Marilyn Goldthorp

 MFA BOWL LEEDS - Merrion Centre, 13 Merrion Way, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS2 8BT


 Day and Time
 Handicap or Scratch  Secretary  Email

 YBC Saturday Singles

 Saturday, 10.30am
 Handicap  Shirley Woodhouse

 MFA BOWL SHEFFIELD - Sicey Avenue, Firth Park, Sheffield, S5 6NF


 Day and Time
 Handicap or Scratch  Secretary  Email


 Monday, 8.15pm  Handicap  Bob Walker

 Firth Park YBC

 Saturday, 10.30am
 Mike Beeley

 Hasta La Vista

 Wednesday, 7.15pm  Handicap  Adam Bishop


 Tuesday, 7.00pm  Handicap  Bob Walker


 Sunday, 6.45pm  Handicap  Kenneth Ellis  Contact Head Office

 Steel City II

 Saturday, 6.30pm    James Sanderson  Contact Head Office
 Walker Steel
 Tuesday, 7.15pm
 Handicap  Ian Tait

 Works League

 Thursday, 7.00pm    Kenneth Ellis  Contact Head Office

 UK SUPERBOWL HUDDERSFIELD - Springbank Works, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1YL


 Day and Time  Handicap or Scratch  Secretary  Email

 Huddersfield Hornets YBC

 Saturday, 9.45am
 Handicap  Lisa Kelly
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